Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Make Money Blogging on HUBPAGES!

Everyday, hundreds of thousands of people scour the internet looking for the next way to make some money working and blogging online. Too often, there are fees up front! You find “Buy this book and learn how to be the next internet millionaire with your blog” or “Pay for your domain name and website here and be on your way to getting rich online” …yep will find a lot of these hype filled promises and most are just that-hype filled promises with no opportunity.

Here’s your chance to start blogging for cash FREE! Okay so this isn’t enough to pay your bills but it is a great way to make some extra money doing what you already love to do and it is a FREE way to start your online empire!

Simply write blogs on Hub Pages and earn as they are viewed.

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You can write about your family experiences, share recipes, talk about your craft projects…pretty much anything goes. That being said, you can write almost anything you want but highly searched items make the most money! There is ZERO cost and they do most of the work for you by pushing your work to the search engines.

Now the truth is that you will have to WORK  a bit to make money. You will need to promote your “Hubs” through Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Other Social Sites, Friends. and Family (you will get some traffic from the site itself but not enough to make a lot of money). The more views your hubs get..the more money you make. So how do you make money you ask?

There are tons of ways to make money through Hub Pages…You earn through the site (HubPages)-off of ads that they post and through Google AdSense impressions. Google AdSense is an advertising service that places their ads on your work.When a visitor clicks on the ad, you will get some cash (usually cents). You can even add relevant ebay and amazon items to your hubs to increase your earnings .

Hub Pages does have a payout threshold of $50 which should be easy to reach if you are willing to put in the work. They even offer an “Apprentice” Program where they hook you up with other writers to support and coach you to help you be successful. While you are in this 6 month program, they will even pay you per post as well as allow you to earn through the monetization program.

No you don’t have to be a superb writer! My highest viewed blogs are recipes and those about recycled crafts. The more “hubs” you write, the more you can earn. There is even a learning center on the site dedicated to answering your questions and helping you earn money. When in doubt…post a question and ask other hubbers. They are always eager to help.

Good luck in your writing and let me know how it goes for you….it could be your ticket to becoming an online entrepreneur!

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